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Angry Armies 2
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iconAngry Armies 2

Have you ever wanted to be a leader of a gang? Well now you can, by featuring your face in Angry Armies to fight your way against Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens, Football Thugs, Crazy Chefs, Angry Waiters and Medieval Warlords. And this time the armies have got so angry that they will not just fight within their own groups any more. This time all of the armies are fighting each other in all out war to find out who is the angriest.

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Angry Armies 2 is the latest update to the Angry Armies series of finger swiping mobile battles which was recently featured in the Sunday Mirror with the headline "Hooligan phone app slammed." The Mirror also labelled the game as being far too violent for today's youth, but we will let you be the judge of that!

Create your own Angry Army by simple taking a photo of yourself, your cat or anything else you want to turn into the ultimate destructive team. Give them your own silly team name and crazy victory message before fighting your mates online in the all new online multiplayer.

The game features a number of different action packed modes including:

  • Quick Match
    • Fight to the death against all the armies.
  • Challenge Match
    • Go for the high score in a match that does not end until you die.
  • Tournament
    • Go the full 7 rounds against the angriest of all the armies.
  • Raiders
    • Watch out, the more you play the more armies will try to fight back.
  • Blocker
    • Defend yourself from the onslaught with barrels, rocks and whatever else you can find.